How To

So to help out with the closure, you just need to sign a paper. No bigey.

We have two categories for closure signatures detailed below:

    • If you are living in a free standing house the road closure form for you is attached below.

    • If you live in a block of flats or a complex, the procedure is a little more complicated.

      • Your board of trustees or body corporate need to sign the road closure form.

      • This can only be signed in 52% of the residents agree to the road closure. We suggest calling an SGM ASAP.

Signing of the road closure form DOES NOT obligate you into a financial contribution.

We need a minimum consent of 67% for the road closure to go ahead, which we now have. We still want as many signatures as possible.

The form explains everything, but if you have questions or want to submit a signed form, you can contact us on

If emails aren't your thing, call me. 082 651 5166