MetroFibre is a major fibre infrastructure provider, MetroFibre is also an ISP.

MetroFibre have recently connected the neighboring suburb of South Crest and are now trenching in Linmeyer.

14 October 2019

ISP Fibre Coverage Map Published

According to most ISP, Fibre termination points are free during the build phase.

Normal costs are listed in the graphic:

21 August 2019

FREE Fibre Termination Point

The Fiber Termination Point (TP) is a small white box that will be mounted onto a wall in your home and is used to protect the delicate fibre cables that will be connected to your Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

There is no cost if installed during build phase.

The team (Initec Civils, Initio360, MetroFibre Carrier) would like to install FREE termination points in as many homes, townhouses, flats, complexes as possible during the build phase.

It is highly recommended to install the FREE termination point during this phase.

Installation later will be charged for:

You don't have to switch to fibre or use fibre at this stage, just get the FREE termination point installed in your home, flat, townhouse, etc.

Installing the FREE termination point will reduce costs and speed up connections.

You can sign up at any time with any of the ~31 ISPs that are available.

Initio360 would like you to use them, but that is your choice.

For the FREE termination point installation, go to:

and fill in your details and select Termination Point Only (No Internet Package)

Please note that some driveways have not been closed up as there is a need to route the termination point cable back to the home from the manhole.

Hence the recommendation to get your fibre termination installed whilst this phase is in progress.

The trenching and laying of fibre is proceeding at an incredible pace with 60% of Linmeyer already cabled.

You will notice a fibre manhole has been installed at every second home:

Fibre Manhole

The fibre in the manhole needs to be connected to inside your home.

22 August 2019

Progress map of trenching

12 August 2019

Phase 1 - Trenching to townhouse complexes has been completed.

Phase 2 - Trenching to homes has started, see map below for current trenching status

Linmeyer MetroFibre

24 July 2019

Good News - MetroFibre via Nick Smith (Initio360) has confirmed that both free standing homes and complexes will be connected.

MetroFibre have already started the deployment and will be covering the entire area, free standing homes and complexes.

Initio360 are assisting with getting MetroFibre deployed to Linmeyer.

To be the first in line for Fibre, subscribe for a package from Initio360 on the following link:

23 July 2019

Trenching has started along Post Street via Martha and Adelaide to Waterfield Park complex.

See updated map below for details.

22 July 2019

Scope of the MetroFibre build

We are attempting to get official confirmation from MetroFibre as to their plan for Linmeyer.

The following is what we've gleaned from 3rd parties:

Nick Smith (Initio360) and David Radebe (Initec) think that the whole of Linmeyer will be connected.

They normally install a "back haul" fibre, with other streets being "opened" later.

They team limits the number of roads that get trenched simultaneously to minimise disruption.

The build for a suburb the size of Linmeyer is estimated to take about 3 months.

19 July 2019

Initec Civils is trenching fibre on behalf of MetroFibre.

Due to the nature of the work, there may be issues with existing pipes, cables, paving, etc.

The agreement is that the sidewalk will be restored to the same or better.

Please contact:

David Radebe - 067-105-4046

Succeed Bvuma - 065-800-3628

if you experience any issues.

The build is estimated to take about 3 months.

Please be patient, kind and understanding during this project as it will benefit all residents.

16 July 2019

Initec Civils on behalf of MetroFibre started trenching the "back haul" from the top of Johan Meyer to Oakdene Gardens

The MetroFibre "Build" for Linmeyer is trenched.

The below letter was distributed to residents:

Initec Construction Notice