12 August 2019

Phase 1 - Trenching to townhouse complexes has been completed.

Phase 2 - Trenching to homes has started, see map below for current trenching status

See MetoFibre page for latest map

27 July 2019

Photos of the trenching being done in Linmeyer can be view on Fibre Linmeyer page

26 July 2019

Intec Civils/Initio360 management have confirmed that:

There are ±28km of trenching to be done in Linmeyer at a rate of about 6km per week.

Johan Meyer to Oakdene Gardens and Johan Meyer to Water field Park is almost done.

Additional streets will begin trenching shortly.

Intec Civils will distribute construction notices with contact detail to additional streets before trenching.

24 July 2019

Vumatel have confirmed that they will not be the fibre network operator (FNO) for Linmeyer.

MetroFibre have already started the deployment and will be covering the entire area, free standing homes and complexes.

Vumatel will thus not be "over building" as this would be counter productive and would not be financially feasible for Vumatel.

Initio360 are assisting with getting MetroFibre deployed to Linmeyer.

To be the first in line for Fibre, subscribe for a package from Initio360 on the following link:

Vumatel Fibre

Vumatel has Linmeyer listed a future Fibre suburb.

See Vumatel Fibre page for more information and to show your interest

Initio360 Fibre

Recently Initio360 attended a rate payers meeting and stated that MetroFibre is currently cabling neighboring suburbs.

See the Initio360 page for more information and to show your interest

MetroFibre Fibre

Metrofibre is a major infrastrcture provider that is currently cabling neighboring suburbs.

See MetroFibre page for more information

Benefits of Fibre Optic Internet Access

Speed - fibre from 4Mbps to 1Gbps

Fibre Internet is many times faster than ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line).

Fibre Internet has speeds from 4Mbps to 1Gbps vs "up to" 4Mbps for ADSL in Linmeyer.

Linmeyer ADSL is serviced from Rosettenville, due to distance, we are limited to a maximum of "up to" 4Mbps ADSL.

Fibre has the lowest latency (1ms) - a must for online gamers

With speed you have access to enhanced internet services such as:

  • HD Video streaming - Youtube, Netflix, Showmax, DSTV Now, etc.

  • Access cloud services like Drive, Photos without frustrating waits

  • Improved security via CCTV monitoring of area and homes

A typical home with Mom+Dad and 2 kids, will have 2 or 3 cellphones, a tablet, PS4/XBOX, DSTV CatchUp, PC with updates, a laptop with updates, Netflix, youtube, Kodi, SmartTV, etc.

All these devices require internet access and "up to" 4Mbps ADSL does not cope.

House Value - Increase the value of your property

Studies have shown that having Fibre internet at your home will increase the resale value of your property.

Fibre will make Linmeyer a more desirable suburb.

Save Money - replace ADSL

Fibre is overall less expensive than POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) + ADSL Enablement + Uncapped Data

ADSL: POTS + "up to" 4Mbps ADSL + Data is about R896/pm

Fibre: 4Mbps (true speed) Uncapped Fibre from R497/pm

Fibre: 20Mbps (true speed) Uncapped Fibre from R629/pm

Get the speed you pay for - with ADSL, due to line attenuation resulting in increased signal-to-noise loss, you are unlikely to get the speed you pay for.

With ADSL you pay for "up to" 4Mbps ADSL but get 2Mbps to 3Mbps (if you're lucky)

LTE is just too expensive - Fibre Internet is the best option.

Fibre is the ultimate world class internet access.

Fibre is faster, lower cost, lower latency, more reliable, higher capacity than ADSL, LTE or WISP.

Keep your landline phone number

Once you have fibre, you can port your landline phone number over to Fibre.

You keep your old telephone number and save money.


Fibre Optic uses "glass" and is not susceptible to lightning.

ADSL is based on copper and is affected by lightning, rain and cable theft.

Why Vumatel Open Access Fibre Internet

Vumtel has a proven track record and is a leader in providing Open Access fibre internet.

When selecting Fibre, it is recommended to use an Open Access fibre provider.

With Open Access you can choose the ISP and package that is right for you - this gives you more choice.

Service providers have to compete for your business across the “shared” open fibre infrastructure - this creates better prices and services to you.

It is also easy to switch from poor performing providers to others.

Open Access avoids duplication of infrastructure and lowers cost.

Once it is installed there is no need for future disruptive installations.

Open Access ISP List

Below is a partial list of ISP's that provide access on the Open Access Network:

Afrihost, Axxess, CellC, Clear Access, Comtel, Cool Ideas, Crytal Web, Cybersmart, Gigazone, Home-Connect, iConnect, MWEB, RSAWEB, Telkom, Vodacom, VOX, Webafrica, XDSL

Thank you for your support to get world class fibre internet to Linmeyer.

For more information, please email Linmeyer Ratepayers Association at

Fibre Speedtest