As of 14/07/2019 686 of the 939 residences in Linmeyer had signed road closure forms.

For those of you in the know we asked R1200 from each household to pay for the road closure. Quick math would tell you that that equals R823,200.00

For the Closure we need only R440,000.00. In the attached PDF you will see higher numbers but that is all future planning.

Now we know not everyone in Linmeyer can afford to pay us that amount of money. Which is why we factored it in to the calculations.

Only 17% of residents have actually made a upfront contribution. We are lucky that a few residents have made large donations of R5000.00.

If you want to make a cash donation, we'll collect it. We have a card machine, so can come to you as well for payment.

I am not going to re-type everything here that is in the PDF attached below. Please read that.

There will be running costs.

This all detailed in the PDF so please read that.

Any questions please call me.

082 651 5166