Vumatel Fibre

24 July 2019

Vumatel have confirmed that they will not be the fibre network operator (FNO) for Linmeyer.

MetroFibre will be covering the entire area, free standing homes and complexes.

Vumatel will not be "over building" as this would be counter productive and would not be financially feasible for Vumatel.

July 2019

Linmeyer residents at the Vumatel Q&A Meeting held Linhill FC on 18 July 2019 - looks cold:

Linhill Football Club Meeting

Thanks to Linhill FC for allowing the residents the use of the venue.

The Vumatel Presentation for Linmeyer Build is at the bottom of the page.

Attachments - see bottom of page

Feb 2019:

Thank you all for registering.

Please continue to show your interest.

Tarket Reached

Vumatel have indicated that the rollout is scheduled for 2019.

June 2018:

Support the initiative to get Fibre Optic Internet Access into Linmeyer

The Linmeyer Rate Payers Association has embarked on an initiative to roll out Fibre internet to the suburb.

Linmeyer Ratepayers Association is recommending Vumatel

Register your interest in Fibre with Vumatel

Registering your interest with Vumatel is simple, quick and risk free with no obligation to buy anything.

Go to the Vumatel coverage web page, type in your Linmeyer Address and register.

We would like to track the registrations so once registered, please send an email to

The registration campaign is running over the next few months, until the end of 2019.

We request all residents to please register.