Fibre Linmeyer

Why uncapped fibre

Downloading a typical PS4 games - 98GB

GTA5 Download

This download is on a 20Mbps uncapped fibre line, and still took over 9 hours.


Linmeyer is far from the Telkom exchange in Rosettenville.

The distance causes ADSL signal loss, resulting in a maximum "up to, best effort" 4Mbps ADSL in Linmeyer.

This download would take 45 to 60 hours in Linmeyer.


LTE is normally a capped service or has a FUP (fair use policy) which slows downloads to a crawl when a threshold is reached.

This 98GB download would cost a minimum of R420 on LTE.

Blown Fiber

Once trenching is done, you will notice some tubes being installed in the ground

Below are spools of fibre conduits

Fibre Conduit

cnr Victoria & Herstel Roads

The Blue and grey spools are fibre conduits.

The fibre is "blown" down the conduit at a later stage.

The Mole

A special tunneling machine is used to drill under roads.

The machine is known as a "mole" or the "Ditch Witch"

The Mole

cnr Johan Meyer & Herstel Streets


During tunneling / trenching, pipes sometimes get damages

Water Leak

Cnr Victoria & East Street

These get reported and repaired

Cnr Victoria & East Street


Once the trenching is complete, the paving is restored

Fibre near Silva Villas

Johan Meyer Street - near Silva Villas

Marking the pavement for trenching

Moffat & Team measuring & marking the paving before trenching:

Fibre Marking

Jan Street

Trenching in Retha Street - not easy

Fibre Retha Street

Retha Street

Driveway repair - back breaking work

Prince Albert Street

Trenching - hard work

Prince Albert Street

Adelaede Ave

Risi Street

Fibre Manhole - there is one shared to two properties

Corner manhole for fibre distribution

Empty Fibre Tubes - about to be joined

Retha Street

Joined Tubes

Retha Street

Checking the fibre tubes to ensure they clean and connected

Victoria Street

Fibre Cable, each cable has 216 strands. This cable will be "blown" down the empty tunes.

Fibre Cable

Victoria Street

NE Linmeyer has rock - use of Jack Hammers to trench

Rock - Jack Hammer

South Rand Road

Small Fibre Manhole


Prince Albert Street

24 Core Fibre Cable

Prince Albert Street

Blow Fibre machine used for installation of street fibre

Prince Albert Street