Initio360 Fibre

20 Jan 2020

Free Fibre Termination Point


24 July 2019

Initio360 are assisting with getting MetroFibre deployed to Linmeyer.

To be the first in line for Fibre, subscribe for a package from Initio360 on the following link:

13 June 2019

The Linmeyer Rate Payers Association is promoting the fibre internet initiative in the suburb.

Initio360/MetroFibre are investigating the feasibility of connecting Linmeyer.

Please support the investigation and register your interest.

Initio360 Logo

Initio360 is a Internet Service Provider (ISP) who work with MetroFibre to provide infrastructure.

Registering your interest with Initio360 is simple, quick and risk free with no obligation to buy anything.

Go to the Initio360 Area Registration Page, type in your Linmeyer Address and register.

The registration page is borked, please send a email to Nick or Yogan (see below).

We would like to track the registrations so once registered, please send an email to

The registration campaign is running over the next few months, until the end of 2019.

We request all residents to please register.

Contact details for Initio360:

Initio360 Contact Details