Incorporating Linmeyer Awareness Group

Linmeyer Johannesburg South

Join the Linmeyer Awareness Group on Facebook - www.facebook.com/groups/Linmeyer or Linmeyer@groups.facebook.com

FREE Fibre Termination Point - see MetroFibre link

Please support the Road Closure Initiative - see Road Closure page for more information

Please support the Fibre Internet Registration initiative - see Fibre page for more details

Initio360 are assisting with getting MetroFibre deployed to Linmeyer.

To be the first in line for Fibre, subscribe for a package from Initio360 on the following link:


July 2019:

Road Closure Competition:

Check the Competition tab under Road Closure to see how to enter.

Jumble Sale:

Our Jumble sale was a success. We managed to raise R23,498.00.

Road Closure contact Info:

Should you need any information about the road closure please contact Donovan on 082 651 5166.

Should you wish to be added to the community WhatsApp groups,please contact Donovan.

June 2019:

LAG Meeting - Road Closure, Initio360 Fibre

A well attended meeting was held on 13th June 2019 in the Marist Brothers Media Center.

Road Closure

The costs for the road closure and current progress were presented.

Please support the road closure initiative by setting up a monthly scheduled payment.

Initio360 Fibre

Nick Smith of Initio360 gave a brief talk wrt the current MetroFibre build in the surrounding suburbs.

Initio360 is assisting in registering the interest for Fibre in Linmeyer.

Registering your interest with Initio360 is simple, quick and risk free with no obligation to buy anything

Go to the Initio360 Area Registration Page, type in your Linmeyer Address and register.


The registration page is borked - just send an email to hello@initio360.co.za

We would like to track the registrations so once registered, please send an email to fibre@linmeyer.co.za

The registration campaign is running over the next few months, until the end of 2019.

We request all residents to please register.

See Initio360 Fibre page for more information

Feb 2019:

LAG Meeting - Road Closure, LinParks, Fibre

LAG had a well attended meeting on the 7th Feb 2019

Please see Meetings Page for the presentations

June 2018:

Support the initiative to get Fibre Optic Internet Access into Linmeyer

The Linmeyer Rate Payers Association has embarked on an initiative to roll out Fibre internet to the suburb.

Please visit the Fibre page for details.

For more information, please email Linmeyer Ratepayers Association at info@linmeyer.co.za

Feb 2018:

2018 General Valuation Roll - see Rates

You can view your 2018 General Valuation Roll and lodge an objection via:


Inspection of the roll is from 20 Feb 2018 to 6 April 2018.

You need to lodge your objections if any by 6th April 2018.

Ratepayers Meeting - March 2015 at Marian College

Ratepayers Meeting March 2015

Moffat Park

See www.moffat-park.co.za for more details and to object.


1.Security - Get as many walkie talkies into the Linmeyer Community to effectively set us a neighborhood watch.

2.Moffat Park Development. This is a major concern for Linmeyer and surrounding suburbs residents.

3.Tosca Street Development - ensure that this enhances Linmeyer

4.Interfacing with CPF

5.Investigate Cameras for the area to improve security

6.Investigate Possible booming off of Linmeyer

7.Request traffic calming measures (Speed Bumps) around schools

8.Cable Theft - assist in alerting and preventing

Linmeyer Hill looking East - Neal Soutter